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Best CG Textures, 3ds Max Materials and Training Videos

Tonka3D is the only and first CG company to provide the best and highest quality texture pack with 4000 pixels resolution and with full HD video lessons about how to create stunning images, textures, HDRI and panoramic photos, including render… Leia Mais »

How to create HDRI 360 panoramic photos

In this video tutorial we explain how to take panoramic photos HDR 360. This is a valuable information for photographers, 3D artists, designers, producers and passionate about digital art. This video lesson is part 1 of the total 57 video… Leia Mais »

Fixing Light with Photoshop in a project created on 3ds Max

Fixing Light with Photoshop in a Design Visualization Project created on 3ds Max. This tutorial is a tip from the 3d Artist Rodrigo Banzato.