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Best CG Textures, 3ds Max Materials and Training Videos

Tonka3D is the only and first CG company to provide the best and highest quality texture pack with 4000 pixels resolution and with full HD video lessons about how to create stunning images, textures, HDRI and panoramic photos, including render techniques, 3d and interactivity. It also comes with dozen of 3ds materials ready for V-Ray, Mental Ray and I-Ray.

Comprised by 12 DVDs with interactive menus, this collection is essential for artists not only for its incredible selection of more than 1500 textures, references, materials etc., but also for its excellent and comprehensive training content with 57 full HD videos and over 15 hour lessons, including a completion certificate diagnosed with notes, delivered by its renowned instructor and artist, Rodrigo Banzato.

The Tonka3D Total Image Collection is a complete source library and video training for those who work with digital art and CG projects for arquitecture, mockups, games, movies and advertise videos. Everything is at your fingertips in a clear and easy way. The following video was made using the materials included in the Tonka3D Total Image Collection.

This collection is so amazing that presents several software to demonstrate different production techniques and more importantly, you do not need previous knowledge in any of them, among whom we highlight Photoshop, 3ds Max, UDK, PTGui, Photomatix, Mudbox, NDO, V-ray, I-Ray, Mental Ray and Verold, all focused on the production of images, textures, photographs and render materials.

To have access to all that is included in this collection, what exactly you will learn with its lessons, why it is said to be the best CG textures available for 3d artists, producers and designers now a days, what are the real benefits for having these resources in your hands and video training previews, please visit the Tonka3D website.


Whether you are a CG studio, Producer, game designer, architect, 3D Artist, advertising company, 3D modeler, professional Animator or just a CG enthusiast, you can’t miss this incredible collection full of rich content and indispensable resources.

source: rodrigo banzato, tonka3d


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