Início Blog Best tracks and sound effects for video projects and 3D interactive

Best tracks and sound effects for video projects and 3D interactive

Tonka3D launches another unique collection of high quality soundtracks and sound effects exclusively for use in audiovisual productions like vignettes, movies, games, 3D interactivity etc.

This collection, known as Total SOUND, gathers 25 soundtracks and 260 unique sound effects of great quality, which are royalty free, along with training videos related to creating, manipulating and editing sounds – with details on how to obtain the best quality using unique sound equipment – and also training videos on how to add sound effects, how to clean noise recording etc. You still learn step by step how to create sound effects and working with audio editing and soundtracks quickly and with high quality. See the following video that was produced using the tracks and sound effects included in this collection:

Conceived by Rodrigo Banzato, a renowned brazilian 3D artist and instructor for Tonka3D, he says: “Nowadays people want fast and practical things. Imagine if every artist or producer had to hire a person just to create an audio soundtrack or a special sound effect for a particular project, for a vignette or for a 3D animation. That would be very expensive and nobody wants or can spend more time with it today, so with a high quality collection like this one, you can create many things and all of that is also taught in details on how to create it in this collection.”

The Total SOUND collection was created for facilitating the life of sound and video designers and sound and video editors, animation and computer graphics producers and studios, game designers, professional CG artists freelancers etc.

tonka3d best sound effects soundtracks and training videos

For more information with other details and free sample training videos, go to the Total SOUND collection page.


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